10 White People With Vitiligo


White People With Vitiligo Skin condition
White People With Vitiligo

According to statistics, vitiligo may be more noticeable in people with darker skin tones, but that does not mean there are no white people with Vitiligo skin conditions. In fact, vitiligo affects people of all skin types, ages, gender and ethnicity irrespective of their race.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes the loss of original skin colour to white patches on the skin. It can affect any area of the body, the hand, legs, even the areas around the eyes and inside the mouth. If you understand vitiligo causes, you might be able to prevent it from further progress.

Vitiligo patches can display more than one colour; Trichrome macules are characterised as areas of white, light brown and normal skin colour. These macules are most frequently found in people with darker skin complexions.

Quadrichrome macules are marginal hyperpigmentation which is affecting the skin tissues surrounding a follicle. Pentachrome macules are characterised by a blue hue. Ponctué macules are depigmentation that displays as tiny, confetti-like patches.

Have you seen white person vitiligo before? Well, having a white skin tone doesn’t mean vitiligo won’t show on your skin. Remember, Vitiligo colouration displays more than one colour while the white skin is not as white as vitiligo.

So the difference in the white colour is the reason there are white people with Vitiligo, but their vitiligo white patches are not as noticeable as in people with darker skin tones.

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A lot of white celebrities are living witnesses of how vitiligo looks on white skin, they prove that there are white people with vitiligo skin conditions. These celebrities have dealt with vitiligo while remaining in the public eye, maintaining a positive outlook, and also having a successful career.

So in this article, we are going to drop the list of white people with vitiligo, especially celebrities. After reading this article, you would have no reason to doubt if Vitiligo shows on White skin tone, or even doubt if white people ever have the vitiligo skin condition.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm Vitiligo
Jon Hamm Vitiligo

Jonathan Daniel Hamm popularly known as Jon Hamm is an American actor and producer famous for playing advertising executive ‘Don Draper’ in the AMC television drama series titled “Mad Men”.

Jon Hamm vitiligo emerged while he was filming the television series titled “Mad Men.” This white person vitiligo has stress-induced vitiligo that affects his hands and face, surrounding his eyes area.

Jon Hamm Vitiligo did not start prior to working on “Made Men”, for his part, Hamm has attributed the condition to stress from filming the award-winning show for seven years.

Jon Hamm Vitiligo affects the most noticeable parts of his skin, most especially his palm and fingers, including his face surrounding his eyes area.

Hedvig Lindahl

Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo
Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo

Rut Hedvig Lindahl is a professional female footballer from Sweden. She plays as a goalkeeper for the Spanish Primera División club known as Atlético Madrid.

Hedvig Lindahl is among the long list of white people with vitiligo. From the picture above, you could see Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo showing on her face especially her eyes and mouth areas. Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo is also losing the pigment in her hair areas.

Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo started when she was just five years old. She started noticing patches of her then-tanned skin change to abnormally white colouration. Between the ages of five and eighteen, she had brown patches remaining all over her skin, and then when she was twenty, it was all white.

Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo at 5
Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo at 5

As a white person with vitiligo, the skin condition is something that the Swedish footballer has come to terms with over the years, but it hasn’t been an easy journey. In one of her interviews, she said:

“I had just started to feel comfortable wearing shorts, as I had patches on my legs, and then I got that comment. It was very hurtful. But now, I’m the one who is joking in the dressing room.”

Because of Hedvig Lindahl Vitiligo, she has to apply high factor sunscreen before and during football matches. Although she is not the only footballer with vitiligo she is among white people with Vitiligo.

Kara Louise Tointon

Kara Louise Tointon Vitiligo
Kara Louise Vitiligo

Kara Tointon born in England is an English actress. She is better known for portraying the role of Dawn Swann in the BBC soap opera titled “East Enders”.

The white patches of vitiligo on Kara’s skin are quite visible on her forehead, It is also running into her hairline resulting in a blonde patch of her hair. In one of her TV interviews, she said that she also has vitiligo on her lips and feet too.

According to Kara Louise, when she first identified the skin disorder on her lips, she snapped it and mailed it to her friend, and her friend told her that she has vitiligo.

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Most of the time, you won’t notice she has vitiligo because she always wears makeup to cover the white patches. Even in the picture above, she was also wearing makeup but a very light one, that is why the white patches still showed on her forehead.

Kara Louise Life Philosophy is based on “ Smile a lot” which is why she is one of the white people with Vitiligo who are happily coping with the skin condition.

Americo Garcia

Americo Garcia Vitiligo
Americo Garcia Vitiligo

Americo Garcia is half of the music duo, boombox cartel (consisting of Los Angeles-based producer Americo Garcia and writing partner, Jorge Medina). Americo Garcia and his writing partner Jorge Medina met during their high school days in Monterrey, Mexico.

From the picture above, you could see the white patches on Americo Garcia’s face and around his neck, running into the chest area of his body.

When you look through his glasses, you could also see the patches surrounding his eyes. This white person vitiligo skin condition has affected almost his entire body.

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs Vitiligo
Holly Marie Combs Vitiligo

Holly Marie Combs is a Hollywood actress and television producer who became highly popular for her role as Kimberly Brock in the CBS tv series titled “Picket Fences”.

The actress is another female celebrity that is among white people with vitiligo.  Holly Marie Combs vitiligo affects both of her hands and some areas of her body covered with clothes.

Because she knows the emotional pain that people with vitiligo suffer, Holly Marie Combs vitiligo has made her be one of the popular advocates of the vitiligo acceptance campaign.

Fez Whatley

Fez Whatley Vitiligo
Fez Whatley Vitiligo

Todd Hillier, popularly known by his on-air name Fez Whatley, is an American comedian and former radio producer and television personality. He is a very famous talk radio host, who co-hosts The Ron and Fez Show.

Fez Whatley’s doctor diagnosed him with diabetes and he is among the white people with Vitiligo. Fez has vitiligo skin disease that affects his face, you can see them on his cheeks and forehead.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin Vitiligo
Steve Martin Vitiligo

Stephen Martin is an American actor and comedian. In 1977, the actor released his first comedy album, which is a platinum-selling album titled “Let’s Get Small”. Stephen Martin then followed it with “A Wild and Crazy Guy” the next year in 1978, which sold more than a million copies.

Although Stephen Martin vitiligo might not be noticeable, the comedian reportedly has a vitiligo skin disease. You could see Stephen Martin vitiligo on his left hand in the picture above.

As one of the white people with Vitiligo, Stephen Martin vitiligo is also on his chest areas covered with clothes. In fact, he has more of it on his chest area.

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson Vitiligo
Bryan Danielson Vitiligo

Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American professional wrestler. Currently, he is signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand, bearing the ring name, Daniel Bryan.

Danielson is one of the few wrestlers that are white people with Vitiligo. He made the statement himself that he has a vitiligo skin condition. From the picture above, you could see the white patches around his face, neck and around his shoulder areas.

Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon vitiligo
Thomas Lennon vitiligo

Thomas Patrick Lennon, better known as Thomas Lennon is a well-known American actor, comedian, writer, director and novelist.

He is best known for his work as a cast member on MTV’s The State, and also for his role as Lieutenant Jim Dangle on the Comedy Central series “Reno 911”.

As a white person with vitiligo, Lennon has a skin condition on his hands, face and even his hips.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond Vitiligo
Richard Hammond Vitiligo

Richard Mark Hammond is a British television presenter, writer, and journalist. He is popular for co-hosting the BBC two-car programme titled “Top Gear” with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, from 2002 until 2015.

Richard Hammond vitiligo affects his face and legs. Although the vitiligo on his face is not that noticeable, the ones on his legs are noticeable and he is treating them.

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There are a lot of White People With Vitiligo out there, I only focussed on the celebrities, the ones that you and I know. If you are suffering from this skin disorder or anybody you know, advise them to consult a specialist as early as possible before it spread to other parts of the skin.

A lot of people have reported total restoration of their original skin colour after using natural vitiligo treatment. In the olden days, herbal medicines of different kinds and effects had been used for the treatment of most diseases and skin conditions.

Vitiligo can as well be treated naturally, hence it is called natural Vitiligo treatment. Fruits, vegetables, roots, and herbs are the natural things used for the treatment of vitiligo and it’s the most advisable one. 

Thank you very much for having time to read the list of white people with vitiligo till the end. If you have any vitiligo related questions, please drop them in the comment section below.


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