11 Key Signs A Girl Is Checking You Out


Signs A Girl Is Checking You Out
Signs A Girl Is Checking You Out

Girls are considered to be more tricky and careful when checking out a guy. That is why it is sometimes difficult to know the signs a girl is checking you out or not with just a glance.

Girls are capable of getting a full-body scan of a guy without getting caught. Their visual recording game rivals that of a spy satellite’s camera. This means they don’t need to focus directly on you to check you out.

They take quick mental snapshots of a guy’s features from head to toe while he sits there unaware of what is going on in the mind of the girl next to him.

Whereas men are like heat-seeking missiles who stare consistently at their target. For this reason, Men are caught more often when checking out girls than girls are caught when checking out men.

Besides, girls are naturally more subtle than men. While girls might think of something sexual about the attractive guy they are checking out, it’s less likely to be as explicit as when men check out an attractive girl.

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Although different girls can have completely different ways of checking out a guy, 80% of them exhibit the same signs. So in this article, we are going to list out some of the signs a girl is checking you out.

1. She throws some quick glances at you

One of the most common signs a girl is checking you out is when a girl is making good use of her peripheral vision while looking at you.

She throws quick unassuming glances at you while making it appear that they are ignoring you until she gets a full mental picture of your whole appearance.

However, the challenge is that a single glance at you can mean a lot of other things that don’t even have anything to do with her checking you out. But if a girl looks at you twice it is not a coincidence, this is one of the signs a girl is checking you out.

Also, pay attention to other details that she unintentionally perform while looking at you such as mouth slightly open, lifted eyebrows and legs pointed in your direction. One or all these details contribute to determining whether she is checking you out or not.

2. She intentionally makes eye contact

There are also girls that might want you to notice them by making eye contact with you. If a random girl makes eye contact with you, then you should know these are signs she is checking you out.

After making eye contact with you, her immediate response would be to hold the eye contact for a bit, she might then look down, this shows that she feels a little bit shy because of the eye contact.

If the eye contact is accidental or for other reasons, the girl will quickly look away with a straight expression on her face. On the other hand, holding eye contact for a bit and looking down after eye contact is one of the most common signs a girl is checking you out.

If after the eye contact, she tries looking at you again in a way you won’t notice, such as looking at you with her head still bent down, then know she is attracted to you and wants you to approach her.

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3. She smiles at you

The thing about a girl’s smile is it can be interpreted in a number of ways. But proper knowledge of how to read a girl’s body language and other common factors can help you to determine what exactly the smile is for.

In this case, you want to know when a girl’s smile is one of the signs a girl is checking you out.

If you notice a girl smiling while there is no one around and there is nothing funny to make her smile, it is possible that she was checking you out.

Most especially when there’s a lot of smiling, and direct eye contact. And If you catch her smiling while looking at you, her immediate response would be to hold eye contact for a bit and look away, pretending to mind her own business.

That smile is the dead giveaway that she is attracted to you and also one of the signs a girl is checking you out.

4. When her group of friends looks at you

her group of friends looks at you
her group of friends looks at you

Girls care much about the opinion of their friends when it comes to men, with this, it can be easy to notice the signs a girl is checking you out when she is with her friends.

If you get glances from a group of girls either one at a time or all at the same time, just know one of the girls is attracted to you or checking you out. But the problem here is to know which girl is the culprit.

For you to know the culprit, One of the girls usually elbow hits the other one so she will pay attention, and then both of them stare at you, while one of them then whispers something to the other.

The one that did the elbow hitting is always the girl that is checking you out. If they are a group of friends, the only girl whispering to the other girls before they stare at you or the only girl the other girls are whispering to after they stare at you is the culprit.

But if you did not notice her during the time her friends looked at you, there is another sign for you to catch the culprit, but this one is usually complicated.

In this case, how to know the signs a girl is checking you out is that her friends usually provide her with needed social cover while she may either chat or laugh loudly with her group of friends.

The girl that is looking at you while laughing or smiling with her friends, is usually the culprit. However, if you observe that she sometimes giggles with her friends when you first notice the girl then it would actually be a sign that she is checking you out. 

5. She adjusts her appearance when she sees you

Another way to notice the signs a girl is checking you out is when she adjusts her appearance whenever she sees you. She performs this behavior because she thinks you might check her out as well which turns out to be true sometimes.

So If a girl is checking you out, then it would be likely that she would want to look good after her first glance at you. She will then start adjusting her appearance like straightening her posture, adjusting her lipstick, adjusting her hair, or taking off her coat for you to see her physique properly.

In most cases, her appearance doesn’t need any fixing, it is just a subconscious reaction that some girls have when they are trying to check a guy out. This maintenance behavior is also known as preening.

6. She stops whatever she is doing

When a girl completely stops whatever she is doing whenever she notices your present, this is how to know the signs a girl is checking you out

Actually, this attitude is a very subtle sign that can easily happen without your notice. For instance, a girl is chatting with her friends and she notices you are around, she might stop talking to them for a second and look in your direction.

But this can actually mean a lot of other things that are not even close to checking you out, so you have to pay proper attention to her facial expression to figure out her intentions.

If the girl looks curious and calm, that means she is lost in thought and didn’t even notice your present, but if the girl looks relaxed and almost smiley, with her mouth slightly open, then know this is one of the signs a girl is checking you out.

7.  She follows your usual routine

Naturally, girls are keen on the small details of a man’s behavior, they smartly use your routines to safely check you out.

Most especially if you are a guy of a certain habit who likes to take your lunch at a specific table, or walk through the same office hallway at a specific time, she will eventually take these common habits of yours to her own advantage.

How to know the signs a girl is checking you out with this technique is when she starts occupying the same space you usually occupy. If you notice a girl who you keep running into during the course of your day or has been taking her coffee breaks at the same time as yours, she may be checking you out.

Also, if you observe she always stand in the same area as you then it would suggest signs a girl is checking you out. It could also mean that she is hoping that you approach her especially if she has been showing other signs of attraction.

8. She always seek your attention 

This is probably one of the easiest and common ways to know the signs a girl is checking you out, but most guys tend to overlook it, while some sense it as a turn-off.

The truth is that when a girl is seeking attention from you, directly or in directing, she is checking you out. She might walk briskly past you, as if she doesn’t notice you, swinging her hips, and walking as if she has somewhere to go or be.

Alternatively, she may decide to talk louder or laugh louder than she has to, especially when she is with her friends. It all goes down to her seeking your attention for you to approach her.

9. She feels bad when you are around other girls

Another way to know the signs a girl is checking you out is when she starts feeling bad whenever she sees you around other girls, even though you have not started a conversation with her.

You will notice signs such as; rubbing her arms, face, neck, or legs, tapping her fingers or feet on the desk or floor respectively, she might even stick around you when other girls are around to know what you guys are discussing.

If she does all these things, just know she is attracted to you and would want you to talk to her more than you will with other girls.

10. Your Friends can tell you

Another easy way of knowing the signs a girl is checking you out is through your friends telling you with a signal when they notice one.

It is usually easier for your friends to see if a girl is staring at you because she will eventually do it when you are not paying attention.

However, for a third person, your friends, it will be pretty obvious because they are not the target so she will not notice that your friends are observing all that she is doing while checking you out.

This is the reason it is advisable to ask your friends to tell you right away if they notice that a girl is checking you out. With this, you then pay more attention to her body language to confirm it yourself.

You should always confirm it yourself, you know how crazy friends could be in something like this. So make sure you confirm it yourself before you fall into a funny trap.

11. Trust Your Gut Feeling

There is a popular saying “No guts no glory”, this phrase has been around for a good reason. If you don’t trust your gut, it might be difficult to decide if a girl is checking you out or not, because It takes guts to make a very difficult decision.

Most of the time you will not notice any of the above-mentioned signs a girl is checking you out, but you might get a gut feeling that she does, sometimes, that gut feeling is right.

For instance, you might see a girl coming closer to you, without any eye contact with this girl or anything, you just have that gut feeling that she is checking you out. Because when she passed you, she did this shy body language and then looked down.


If you wish to catch more girls checking you out then you have to be aware of everything happening around you. Start paying more attention to your surroundings, the girls around there, their body language, and eye contact.

As you are doing that, bear in mind that different girls have different ways of checking a guy out. This is so because every woman has different ratios of 80% feminine and 20% masculine to 80% masculine and 20% feminine.

This means that when a girl takes a glance at you for the first time and her brain has understood the signals it is receiving from the mental picture of you she got at that first glance, she immediately starts to categorize you. Your category will determine how she is going to check you out?

For instance, when a girl finds a masculine man, she is going to be feminine in checking him out. Whereas when a girl finds a bit feminine man, she is going to be masculine in checking him out.

The feminine way of a girl checking out a man is the same media BS, staring, and all of that fun stuffs that are listed as the signs a girl is checking you out and it’s true as well. However, the biggest one is her readiness to accept your help. They do it because they want to show your masculine mind that she would be a great asset to have.

Then, the masculine way of a girl checking out a man is when the girl is making the first move by coming to you and asking for your help. She does it because she wants to assure your feminine mind to know that she can be in control.

This is the reason the same girl would demand so much attention from some kind of man and yet throws herself easily to certain men. Most times It’s not the girl that decides how to check you out but your persona decides it.

Thank you for having time to read this article to the end, please check out our blog for more relationship-related articles.


2 thoughts on “11 Key Signs A Girl Is Checking You Out”

  1. I once went to the mall, and from the corner of my eyes, I saw a girl who was looking at me approaching. She immediately looks down and was shy. I thought she liked my swag but I later found out she liked me. How I wish I knew these signs, she would have been my girl rn. dame!! that girl was beautiful.

  2. Nice tips! There was this girl in my school that usually stares at me and whenever she sees me approaching, she usually adjusts her cloth and hair. She is pretty and I think she likes me… With these your tips I have confirmed she likes me and I’m going to talk to her next week.

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