12 Best Periodic Table Learning Tricks


Periodic Table Learning Tricks
Periodic Table Learning Tricks

Periodic table learning tricks make it easier to understand and memorize the periodic table. Whether you are learning it for tests, exams, presentations, projects or just to have it at the back of your mind, the periodic table memorization tricks will actually help you memorize the table.

The periodic table is fundamental and very necessary for every science student to know and memorize very well. Without knowing the elements of the periodic table, you’re missing out on the foundation and the fundamentals required to learn the rest of what Science has to offer.

Yes, there are a lot of elements in the periodic table for you to memorize, but with the help of these periodic table learning tricks listed below, you are going to learn each of the elements one after the other and can be able to memorize them accordingly.

The first step in memorizing the elements in the periodic table is having the current version of the periodic table. The periodic table is updated once a while, so to get the current version of the periodic table, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry is a reliable source for getting the most current tables.

So in order to acquire yours, you can refer to online interactive, clickable tables or find free printable tables, including blank ones, which are useful in your periodic table learning tricks.

Once you have gotten your periodic table, you need to start learning the elements on the table. You can memorize the table with these few periodic table learning tricks below, depending on what works best for you and your learning style. Check out the recommended tricks below:

1. Break the periodic table into sections

Rather than memorizing all of the elements in the periodic table at once, the best periodic table learning trick is to break the table into sections by memorizing element groups of different color groups.

It is also advisable to view an ordered list of the elements, then learn one group at a time, until you master that particular group, and then go to the next group and master it until you memorize the whole periodic table.

2. Slowly repetition of the elements on the periodic table.

Repetition is a very important part of the learning process, and students have an amazing capacity for repeating words endlessly while driving their families crazy with loud noises. But as they start getting older, they start realizing that repetition is not cool.

This will remind you of how you learned the English alphabet as a kid. You repeated it over and over again until it is stored in your memory forever to date.

Nevertheless, Some amount of repetition is also necessary for periodic table learning tricks, but for it to be more effective, you have to combine it with other learning methods.

Repeating a chunk of five (5) elements at a time is a good periodic table learning tricks to know the elements of the periodic table. You’ll have 23 separate groups of five to learn, with a few leftovers.

Another technique is repeating the elements out loud. Yes, it might make you sound like a crazy person, but reciting it out loud forces your brain to active learning, which makes it get used to what you are saying. You also get instant feedback on your progress than repeating elements silently in your head.

Another technique of repetition is overlearning. To remember new information, it should be linked in your mind to other things you already know, and you can achieve that by repeating the elements of the periodic table to the point of overlearning.

Overlearning is actually learning beyond the point of simple recall, and it effectively strengthens both how well you know something, and how fast your mind can retrieve that knowledge.

3. Make flashcards for each element.

Flash Cards

Although the value of using flashcards might not be what you think, this is actually one of the greatest periodic table learning tricks out there. The act of making the flashcards and physically using them is a more active way of learning the periodic table

creating the flashcards at home with the names of the chemical elements of the periodic table gives you more interaction and engagement with the periodic table and that will help your learning tricks of periodic table.

Flashcards are also mobile which means they can be convenient to carry with you, and you can memorize your periodic table even when you’re on the bus or waiting for your friends.

The bottom line is that flashcards are an active and convenient way to use repetition and practice recall. But it’s still going to be a time-consuming way to memorize all the 118 elements of the periodic table.

4. Memorize each Section Separately

For long-term memory, the best periodic table learning tricks are to access the part of your brain responsible for long-term memory. For you to achieve this, you don’t need to learn all the sections of the periodic table at once.

Also, cramming the periodic table might serve for short-term memorization, so instead of cramming the entire periodic table at once, you will better remember the table if you spread out the memorization process over multiple sessions. Repeated practice and exposure to the periodic table are highly advisable.

In order to learn a section of the periodic table and memorize it very well, you have to learn the first section, go out and do something else, then come back and write out what you learned in that first section.

Try to learn another section, then walk away, come back, and then review your old material, add a new group, walk away, etc. This is actually one of the best learning tricks of periodic table.

6. Learn a periodic table song

The way our brain memory works depends on individuals. Some people have better memorization when reading on papers, while others memorize better by hearing information rather than seeing it on paper.

If you fall on the category of people who memorize better while hearing, the best periodic table learning tricks is to learn a periodic table song someone else created or make up your own if you are creative enough.

There is this popular periodic table song by Asap Science. The lyrics of the 2018 updated version are up there on the genius lyric website. This periodic table song has been a lifesaver for students who learn better by listening to the periodic table in a song rather than seeing it on paper.

7. Create words with element symbols

Creating nonsense words that you can easily remember with the elements of the periodic symbol is one of the great periodic table learning tricks that will help you learn the order of the elements in the table.

For instance, for the first thirty-six (36) elements, you might decide to use the chain of words HHeLiBeB (hihelibeb), CNOFNe (cannofunny), NaMgAlSi, PSClAr, etc. Make up your own pronunciations as you can easily remember and practice filling in a blank table with the symbols.

8. Use a different color for each element group

Sometimes, color helps the brain to differentiate between things. So another periodic table learning tricks is to mark each element group with different clours.

If you really need to learn the element groups in addition to element symbols and names, practice by writing down the elements using different colored pencils or markers for each element group is among the effective learning tricks of periodic table.

9. Make Phrases with the first letters or symbols of the elements

Making up phrases or sentences is one useful way to remember a list of elements on the periodic table. Just make a phrase you can easily remember using the first letters or symbols of the elements.

Acrostics words use more meaning, but either way, you will only have the first letter or two to remind you of each element’s full name. This is an easy trick to learn periodic table.

For instance, we are going to show you a phrase or sentence consisting of words made using the symbols of the first nine (9) elements in the periodic table.

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Food

The above sentence could be picked to form the symbols of the first nine (9) elements in the periodic table.

  1. H – hydrogen
  2. He – helium
  3. Li – lithium
  4. Be – beryllium
  5. B – boron
  6. C – carbon
  7. N – nitrogen
  8. O – oxygen
  9. F – fluorine

10. Activate your virtual memory with pictures of the elements

Memory experts and also world champion memory athletes activate the natural power of visual memory by using visualization associated with pictures. They create mental pictures of what they want to remember and link them together in their mind.

Your virtual memory plays an important role in memorizing things, not just for remembering small amounts of information, but it can take advantage of the dramatic remembering of large amounts of information when you activate your visual memory.

You will always say to somebody, I remember your face I just can’t think of your name. And the reason for this is because you saw the face and the face was a picture.

In order to activate your virtual memory, you start by creating pictures of the elements. There are many small, colorful squares, each of them with a name, number, and symbol of an element, and together they create a large irregular shape.

This Periodic table learning trick makes the picture acts as an anchor in your memory, holding down the chain of other pictures which link together all the elements of the periodic table.

For instance, Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. Hydrogen sounds similar to a water hydrant and that’s how you’ll remember it. Because hydrant sounds very similar to hydrogen, when thinking of the periodic table, you’ll picture it wrapped around a water hydrant.

Let’s make another example with Helium which is the second element in the periodic table. Helium sounds similar to a helium balloon. That’s how you remember it by picturing the helium balloon. This is one of the powerful periodic table learning tricks.

11. Create relations

Sometimes, having background stories help in your periodic table tricks. With the help of a related background story, you can remember the elements of the periodic table.

Try to create relations between elements of the periodic table and events that will help you remember them. For instance, when you think of Helium, you automatically think of a helium balloon because of the story behind it.

Now imagine an enormous helium balloon that you made the size of a car and attached to the water hydrant. Because the helium balloon is so big and has so much lifting power, it starts to lift the water hydrant up off the sidewalk.

Together they both slowly float up into the air, away into the sky. Now, when you think of Helium, you remember it with the story of how it floats up in the air with the water hydrant. The water hydrant will as well remind you of hydrogen.

12. Place Copies of the periodic table in different angles of your home

Periodic Table Learning Tricks
Periodic Table copy

If you want to learn the periodic table so fast, it’s advisable to make it part of your life by printing different copies of the periodic table and placing them in each corner of your home where you usually go.

Keep one copy of the periodic table on your desk, one in your bedroom, one in your dining, one in your sitting room, one in your backpack or purse, till you cover wherever else you might go.

You can also use a digital version by downloading one on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This is one of the most powerful psychological periodic table learning tricks that will help remind you all the time to study the periodic table each time you see a copy of it.

It will also make you go through the copies while you eat breakfast, glance over the periodic table during a commercial break on TV, or chant the elements in order while taking your bath.


These learning tricks of periodic table will help you remember the elements of the periodic table, but there is still more work to do. After using all the periodic table learning tricks listed above, the best periodic table tricks to apply in order to know your progress is to test your memory.

You can achieve this by playing periodic table online games to help you recall the elements. A lot of websites have online games that make you match elements to their symbol or fill in the gaps. These games will test your memory and improve your confidence in what you’ve learned.

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